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it was fun while it lasted. but i think i’m done here. tumblr started out as a good place to rant about my life, but now i feel like it’s kinda creepy that people i don’t know actually read this and end up finding out a lot about me. i could just be careful about what i post but i don’t want to go into it too much. i shall remain faithful to my diary [:! even though i think my mom reads it! i find myself having to make time for tumblr lately which is dumb. i’d rather be doing other things. tumblr can be a good thing for many people, it’s just not for me anymore. farewell to those who followed me<3

yeah so you know what?


i just realized tumblr is a big waste of time. reading about stranger’s lives, or people that you barely even know. having people you barely know read about your life. making “internet” friends. sitting on your butt all day blogging and re-blogging. that’s not life. I’d rather have real friends…

ditto. goodbye tumblr. time to spend more time actually living my life. i hope i don’t change my mind lol.

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everybody wants this&lt;3

everybody wants this<3

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i’m in love

i woke up and i felt all cozy snuggled up in my blankets! ahhh. i am so excited that it’s getting cold. summer put more than half of my wardrobe out of business. time to bring the cardigans, leggings, scarves, jackets, and boots back out! is it ironic that gloomy weather makes me really happy? i don’t have to worry about burning in the sun at work anymore. i passed the cute golden tan look a long time ago and now if i get any darker… it’ll just look burnt! the sad thing about this weather is it really makes me want to buy new clothes! but i can’t because as soon as i get paid, i have to store that money away for my apartment rent. blehhh. my birthday is next saturday though, and idc if i shouldn’t spend right now, i want to buy something nice to wear that day! lol. i don’t even know what i’m doing, but i don’t mind cause birthdays always turn out pretty pleasant. birthdays are not that exciting anymore after 18 until you turn 21. then the birthdays after that only remind you that you are getting old. lol. but ANYWAYS… i am in love with this hint of fall weather!!!

she&#8217;s so gorgeous!

she’s so gorgeous!


so i’ve been mia from tumblr for a couple days now because of work and being so tired i went three days without even going on the internet. that may sound like a little to some people, but to me… that’s a big deal lol. so i started working at the la county fair on saturday and i’m really starting to like it. on the first day i almost died from heat exhaustion, but it’s been cooling down lately. i made a lot friends at work too, which makes the time go by really fast! and it’s fun to see all the types of people who come to the fair. i get really tired after my eight hour shifts though. the drive is sorta far from my house to too. there’s always traffic near the fair exit and a drive that is originally 20 minutes becomes an hour long. and at night the 10 west from pomona to el monte is super dark and scary ]:! i hate driving alone at night. besides that, i love working at the fair!

sara walker’s makeup collection puts mine to shame! she’s a such a sweet girl with the cutest british accent. definitely my favorite youtube makeup guru.

drools.. samoas! i love girl scout cookies.

drools.. samoas! i love girl scout cookies.

LOL! awww. this is too funny&#8230;

LOL! awww. this is too funny…

LA County Fair

9/4 Sat - Education Station 10:00-5:00 
9/5 Sun - Gate Greeter 2:00-6:00 & 6:00-10:00
9/6 Mon - Gate Greeter 2:00-6:00 & 6:00-10:00
9/8 Wed - Gate Greeter 11:30-3:30 & 3:30-7:30
9/9 Thur - Gate Greeter 11:30-3:30 & 3:30-7:30
9/10 Fri - Gate Greeter 11:30-3:30 & 3:30-7:30
9/11 Sat - Jurassic Planet 10:00-2:00
                Gate Greeter 2:00-6:00

my work schedule for the next week. please feel free to visit me [: ! if you guys didn’t know, tomorrow is the first day the fair opens and for this weekend admission will only be a dollar if you come from 10am-1pm. that includes monday which is labor day! normal admission is pretty pricey, i’m not gonna lie. there’s a lot of random discounts if you check online but it’s never gonna be this cheap again so i really recommend everyone to come this weekend! for other discounts click on the link bellow.


my dorm last year. good memories&lt;3! i&#8217;m ready for the next step though.

my dorm last year. good memories<3! i’m ready for the next step though.



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cuteeee [:



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